Beggs calls for community vigilance against men of violence

Roy Beggs, Ulster Unionist MLA for East Antrim, who himself walks with his family at Carnfunnock Country Park, has praised the vigilance of the member of the public in reporting the suspicious items and welcomed the actions by the police and explosive experts in retrieving the explosives and partially constructed bombs.

Roy Beggs MLA said, “Carnfunnock is a beautiful, tranquil area where individuals and families enjoy country walks.  It is particularly popular with families with young children at weekends.   Those who placed this cache of explosives and bomb making equipment in this area have endangered children and the general public.

With the attack on a prison officer only a few days ago, it is clear that some remain intend on death and destruction and we must work together as a community to stop them in their murderous intent.   We must thank our police service and our bomb disposal experts who have safely removed these devices and made the park safe.

With the community united against the men of violence we can prevent them trying to take us back to the past.  We all must praise the vigilance of the member of the public and who reported the suspicious activity to the police.  Each of us must equally be alert and report any suspicious activity or information that could help the police to apprehend those intend on dead and destruction”.


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