Beggs Calls for End of Tyre and Poster Burning on Bonfires

Roy Beggs MLA, who is himself a prominent Orangeman, has spoken out against the burning of tyres and political posters on bonfires and called on greater awareness of the values of the Glorious Revolution and has urged that greater consideration should be given to others.

Mr Beggs MLA said “The annual Twelfth of July celebrations should be exactly that – an opportunity to celebrate our proud heritage. This should be a time of gaining community support for the values of the Glorious Revolution rather than endangering the health and well-being of some in the local community by burning tyres on bonfires.  I support the tradition of the Twelfth bonfires but they should be wood only.”

Tyres burnt in an uncontrolled manner release dioxins which are carcinogens and they endanger the health of the local community.  Immediate neighbours property can also be adversely impacted by the intense heat from burning rubber and by the dense clouds of black soot that is given off.

Commenting on the use of election posters on bonfires Roy Beggs said, “The Glorious revolution opposed arbitrary powers and ultimately encouraged freedom and democracy.  As such I believe that it is inappropriate to burn a candidate’s poster on a bonfire.”

There needs to be greater community cohesion so that the Glorious Revolution can be celebrated in a manner that respects the rights of all.  I would encourage greater dialogue between bonfire builders, the local communities, public representatives, local council environmental health and the NI Fire and Rescue Service so that the real health risks can be better appreciated and taken on board when building future bonfires.”


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