Beggs condemns Glenarm arson attack

Roy Beggs, Ulster Unionist MLA for East Antrim has condemned the arson attack on a family home in Glenarm.

Roy Beggs said, “This was a very serious incident and it is fortunate that the family and indeed those in neighbouring property have not suffered injury as a result of the arson attack. Once a fire gains a hold, no one knows when it will end. The incident involving petrol and a tyre set alight at the front door could easily have resulted in fatalities and a murder inquiry. Such incidents can cause serious injury themselves and indeed risk the lives of others as emergencies services are drawn from other emergency situations. I would ask anyone with any information that might be relevant to contact the police so that those responsible can be held to account for their actions.

Local fire-fighters must be praised for swiftly extinguishing the fire. ”

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