Beggs Contacts DARD Minister about Greenisland Floooding

UUP MLA Roy Beggs has contacted the DARD Minister in relation to the repeated flooding at Greenisland underpass.

Roy Beggs MLA asked the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development “what action her Department has taken to ensure that drainage networks at Greenisland railway station are an adequate size and regularly maintained?”

In response, the Minister said “Rivers Agency has no drainage infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of Greenisland railway station, however, a preliminary investigation indicates maintenance works have recently been carried out by a landowner, on a nearby undesignated culverted watercourse. As the watercourses in the area are not designated, responsibility for their maintenance rests with the respective landowners. Rivers Agency will further assess the situation should the drainage issue reoccur.”

The Ulster Unionist MLA for East Antrim continued by seeking an answer to “what action her Department has taken to ensure that Greenisland Railway Station does not suffer from repeated flooding and that pedestrians can safely use the underpass?”

Michelle O’Neill MLA stated “Translink has advised me that the underpass remains safe for pedestrian use and it is carrying out further checks on the wider sewer system which it hopes to have completed by 27 November 2015.”

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