Beggs contrasts reflective walk with antagonistic plaque

With many residents of Carrickfergus and Newtownabbey having moved out from North Belfast during the course of the troubles, Roy Beggs, East Antrim MLA has contrasted the reflective walk that has occurred on the Shankill Road with the erection of an antagonistic plaque at Ardoyne.

Roy Beggs, Ulster Unionist MLA said ‘On the 20th anniversary of the Shankill bomb at Frizzell’s Fish Shop I would commend those who have organised the dignified reflective walk revisiting the 5 bomb sites in which 25 civilians were killed and hundreds injured. This walk stands in great contrast with those who decided to erect a antagonistic plaque in the Ardoyne area to remember the bomber who inflicted so much pain and was himself killed by his own bomb.

Thomas Begley’s family are of course entitled to remember their family member but I am aware of the pain that has been caused and the adverse effect on community relations by the erection of a plaque in a public place rather than the family simply remembering their relative by his graveside.

There are local concerns at the actions of republicans. It is important that we all remember the dreadful events of the past and reflect upon them and collectively strive to insure that those dark days never return and effect this, or future generations.

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