Beggs disappointed Secretary of State will not designate the birthday of the Prince of Cambridge

Ulster Unionist MLA for East Antrim, Roy Beggs, has joined Party Leader, Mike Nesbitt, in expressing his disappointment that the Secretary of State will not move to add the birthday of the Prince of Cambridge, son of the Duke of Cambridge, Baron Carrickfergus, to the list of designated days for flying the Union Flag at Stormont.

Commenting Roy Beggs said;

“I am aware that the Ulster Unionist Party Leader has been pressing the Secretary of State for additional official days which have been added in other parts of the United Kingdom since the deaths of senior members of the Royal Family. Since the passing of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret additional dates have been added in GB but none at Stormont resulting in a two day deficit on the original number of days that the flag was to be flown.

“It seems only logical that the Secretary of State takes immediate action to officially recognise the birthdays of both the Duchess and Prince of Cambridge. I know this would be particularly welcome in Carrickfergus, and East Antrim, given the title that the Duke of Cambridge holds, Baron Carrickfergus.”

The designated day’s list in Northern Ireland is already out of step with the list operated by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) in London.

“The Secretary of State must be encouraged not to take a back seat in the issue of our national identity. It is important that she continues to respect the position of the Union Flag in Northern Ireland; reversing the decrease in the number of designated days is a simple token of that continuing respect.”

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