Beggs Expresses Concern at Caterpillar Job Losses

Roy Beggs MLA has expressed his concern at further job losses in the Manufacturing sector with the Caterpillar announcement.

Roy Beggs said, “The recent job losses announced by Caterpillar should be of concern to everyone. This has come on the back of the closure of Michelin and JTI in nearby Ballymena factories which will also result in local job losses.  The loss of valuable, skilled manufacturing jobs will have also have a significant secondary knock on effect.

The Ulster Unionists have been highlighting the absence of a NI Manufacturing Strategy.   Roy Beggs said, “The NI Executive have failed to produce a Manufacturing Strategy to recognise and address the needs of industry.  Whilst the recent job losses at Caterpillar have been attributed to current market conditions, the NI Executive needs to recognise the importance of manufacturing industry and produce a Manufacturing Strategy that will help to protect and sustain manufacturing jobs.”


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