Beggs Highlights Community Concern at Scale and Content of Oakwood Road Bonfire

Oakwood bonfireRoy Beggs MLA, who has been contacted by a number of residents has highlighted community concern at the scale of the Oakwood Road bonfire which includes 100’s of tyres, adjacent to housing and a major NIE power line.

Roy Beggs said, “The burning of 100’s of tyres in an open fire will expose the local community to carcinogenic compounds and sooth particulates associated from burning rubber.  There are already concerns at the levels of cancer in the Carrickfergus area.  In addition many suffer from respiratory difficulties which will be exacerbated by the dense smoke given off from burning rubber tyres

In addition, these tyres destined to be burnt, are sited close to housing and only 15 metres from one of the main High Voltage transmission lines serving NI.  Give the temperatures that such a fire would reach, I am concerned at the risks to both local residential property and the NI Electricity Grid.

I would urge the organisers to respect the community concern and assist in the removal of these tyres so that lives and property are not put at risk. I will be continuing to engage with the community and with statuary bodies to try and enable the 12th celebration to occur in a manner which respects the wider community.


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