Beggs presses for hot pursuit powers for PSNI

Roy Beggs MLA who had questioned the proposed Legislative Consent motion related to the Police and Crime Bill Maritime Enforcement Powers which would allow Scottish, English and Welsh Police hot pursuit into PSNI jurisdiction and waters but not reciprocate the arrangement allowing the PSNI to pursue criminals fleeing NI into GB policing jurisdictions has express surprise that the PSNI had not been formally consulted at a senior level.

Roy Beggs MLA said, “I was surprised that reciprocal hot pursuit powers for the PSNI were not being proposed in the legislative consent motion related to the UK Police and Crime Bill at Westminster.   I am pleased that the Justice Committee supported my quest for an explanation from the PSNI over this issue.”

PSNI have now indicated their support for the granting of reciprocal hot powers to the PSNI.

The Ulster Unionist member of the Justice Committee said:

“I am surprised that the Assistant Chief Constable responding to the Justice Committee has indicated that the consultation was not formally fully considered at a senior level within the PSNI and had merely consisted of an informal conversation.”

Roy Beggs MLA who lives in Larne, within sight of the Scottish coast said. “Given our proximity of Scotland only 20 milles from Larne, and with for example the Mull of Kintyre only over 10 miles from Torr Head, I would not want criminals to escape the PSNI hot pursuit by simply sailing 5 miles to a Scottish policing jurisdiction. Clearly the law should allow the PSNI to pursue criminals using either a vessel or the Police Helicopter, and if necessary into Scottish policing jurisdiction.”

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