Beggs presses for North Road resurfacing work to be completed before schools return

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has contacted Road Service expressing his concern at the late start, and pressing for the resurfacing work on the busy North Road to be completed as soon as possible before the new school terms start at Carrickfergus Academy and Carrickfergus Grammar School.

Mr Beggs MLA contacted Road Service stating “the signs indicate that the North Road will be closing from the 13th for 3 weeks.  It is disappointing that the scheduled work may not be completed when the both Carrickfergus Grammar and Carrickfergus Academy Schools are off and when the traffic is relatively light on the North Road.”

 Previously the UUP MLA had previously received assurances from Road Service that the resurfacing programme for the North Road would be delivered over the Summer when the schools are off.  

Roy Beggs continued “I note that the Schools are opening from the Tuesday 28th August but that the road closure is not scheduled to be completed until Friday 31st August.   If the North Road is still closed or restricted after the schools re-open there will be increased traffic congestion and additional risks.  I have highlight the need to minimise risks to pupils and in particular to ensure that road resurfacing at the entrances to the Schools is completed early.”

 A Road Service official responded saying “The planned road closure for this work is until Fri 31st August; with the scheme only having commenced on Mon 13th it is too soon to know if the works will complete early. I appreciate this has resulted in a few days overlap with the intake and phased return of pupils, if possible we will open sooner than the 31st.  During the period 28th – 31st traffic restrictions will be in the form of temporary traffic lights from 9:15am to 4:30pm, outside of these times the road will operate as normal. We will monitor conditions and review the arrangements if required being mindful of not wishing to prolong the works unnecessarily. I hope this goes some way to answering your concerns and thank you for your help in advising your constituents.”


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