Beggs Presses for Road Safety Improvements on A2

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has contacted Transport NI to press for increased lighting and reflectors on the recently opened Greenisland section of the A2 road.

Mr Beggs said “I have been contacted by constituents who are concerned at the lack of lighting or edge marking on the new A2 Toad section between Greenisland and Seapark. This means that when driving from Belfast to Carrickfergus, the entire route is illuminated until you arrive at Station Road, Greenisland and enter the new section of dual carriageway.  You then drive in darkness until you arrive at Seapark, were once again the remainder of the journey from Seapark to Carrickfergus is illuminated.”

In communication with TransportNI, the East Antrim UUP MLA said “I would request that you should seek to improve road safety on this section of road by considering either illumination or edge marking and reflectors. I have noticed that on the new A8 road, where it is not illuminated, edge markings and reflectors have been provided.

I would therefore ask that this section of the A2 road between Carrickfergus and Greenisland would also be upgraded to lessen the likelihood of an accident occurring when drivers enter this section of the road which is at a different level of finish and illumination from all other sections of the road.”

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