Beggs Questions Ulster Bank Top Brass

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs Jnr took the opportunity this morning to question Ulster Bank senior managers at a Stormont committee meeting.

East Antrim MLA and Finance committee member Roy Beggs MLA said:
“It appears that finally a significant amount of effort is being expended by Ulster Bank and RBS management in trying to resolve this issue and providing additional information to customers through the additional 100 staff that have been drafted in to support local customers. Front line staff must be commended for their efforts to assist customers given the almost impossible situation that they have been placed in since the loss of the banking IT system.”

“The Ulster Bank crisis has come at huge cost to customers, individual businesses and even non-Ulster Bank customers who are awaiting payment from individuals and businesses who bank with the Ulster Bank.  It will also have come at a considerable cost to the Ulster Bank itself.

It would be wholly unacceptable if senior executives were to accept bonuses following this fiasco, particularly when the Bank is itself in public ownership.”

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