Beggs raises 20mph pilot schemes outside East Antrim schools with Minister

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has again raised the issue of pilot schemes where 20mph zones will be implemented during peak periods of the school day at some schools in Northern Ireland and asked for details on what other schools are in line to be considered for similar schemes in the future.  This follows on from news that the Model PS in Carrickfergus was to be a pilot area.

Mr Beggs MLA, speaking during Question Time at the NI Assembly said “I thank the Minister for piloting further 20 mph schemes outside schools. Can he give an indication on when the pilot scheme for the Model Primary School in Carrickfergus will be delivered? How soon thereafter will other schools, such as Eden Primary School on the busy A2 road or Toreagh Primary School, where there is a 40 mph limit outside the school door, be able to apply and be considered for future schemes?”

The Infrastructure Minister responded saying “I thank the Member for his questions. As good as I have become at retaining information, I apologise that I do not have the specific information for those particular schools in the Member’s constituency. Again, if he corresponds, I am more than happy to get back to him. Especially with regard to rural primary schools on roads where the national speed limit applies, I am actively seeking ways in which we can address their needs as soon as possible. There are approximately 150 of them, so it is something that I am very keen to do, and I want to move on it as soon as possible.”

Mr Beggs concluded adding “Following on from Question Time at Stormont, I have communicated with the Minister to get further information relating to the delivery of the pilot scheme at the Model PS and also asked for additional information relating to the Departments longer term ambitions for rolling out the scheme in other parts of East Antrim.  I look forward to his reply.”


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