Beggs receives update from Department re: North Road railway bridge

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has received an update from the Department of Infrastructure in relation to his request “for a significant upgrade in warning signage so that visitors driving high sided vehicles are less likely to get caught out” at the North Road railway bridge.

The Department of Infrastructure have advised the MLA as follows: “I can confirm that the Department and Translink carried out an audit of the signage on the approaches to North Road bridge in September 2016 and found it to be in accordance with current advice and best practice.

There are warning signs on the two approaches to the bridge which clearly indicate the presence of a low bridge stating the maximum height of vehicle which can safely pass under the bridge. There is a responsibility for all drivers to be in control of their vehicles at all times and to pay attention to warning signs and be aware of the size of the vehicle they are controlling.”

Roy Beggs said “Both NIR and DfI Roads have assured me that they will continue to monitor the primary cause of the bridge strikes. In my opinion it is clear that additional measures are required following repeated vehicle strikes on the low bridge, which routinely cause traffic disruption on one of the busiest roads serving Carrickfergus.”

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