Beggs Secures Assurance That There Will Be No Further Fare Increase

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has sought assurances from the transport Minister that there will be no further fare increases, following a reduction in the public transport subsidy, which had been passed down through the Finance Minister.

Mr Beggs said “A reduction in the public transport subsidy has been passed down through the Finance Minister, and, despite the increase in local fares that has been implemented, some think that Translink is still under significant pressure. Would the Minister agree with a second fare increase for Translink?”

In response, Minister Kennedy confirmed that there would be no further increased, stating “I thank the Member for his question. Let me say this: absolutely not. I do not believe that it would make any economic sense or in any way attract greater usage of our public transport system to put forward a second fare increase at this time. I rule that out without any reservation. The situation is challenging, and there is a need for streamlining and for savings to be made. However, simply putting up fares is not a solution that is on my radar at this time.”



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