Beggs welcomes issuing of A2 upgrade vesting order

Roy Beggs MLA pictured at Greenisland House with Cllr Beryl McKnight

Roy Beggs MLA has welcome another landmark in the A2 widening scheme at Greenisland with the Roads Minister Danny Kennedy MLA, issuing the vesting order to secure ownership of the remaining land and properties required to construct the new road.

Roy Beggs MLA said ‘The issuing of the vesting orders is yet another significant stage in A2 Road widening which will remove the bottleneck at Greenisland. Since the Roads Direction Order was issued in October 2008, the Road Service have been forced to purchase a number of properties from residents whose homes had been blighted. The vesting order will enable government to purchase any remaining property that is needed to complete the Road Widening Scheme.

It is clear that with the scheme there will be significant public benefit to the people of Carrickfergus generally with the resulting improved 4 lane road. However a number of Greenisland residents are being adversely affected by the vesting process as they are being forced to sell their homes, I believe that the legislation governing this should be up-dated following changes in England and Wales”.

The East Antrim Ulster Unionist MLA said, “The tender deadline for perspective contractors is November 2012 and I understand that the appointment of the successful contractor is expected early in 2013, with work expected to commence early in 2013/2014 financial year.

Roy Beggs said, ‘Whilst construction of the new road between Seapark and Station Road, Greenisland is to happen offline, there is no such alternative for the section of road between Station Road and Jordanstown. It is essential that significant planning and effort is put into minimising potential traffic disruption and maintaining traffic flow during the construction period.’

The Ulster Unionist MLA went on to say, “ I have written to the Minister seeking assurance that detailed consultation should occur with both Carrickfergus Council and the local business community to try to minimise the potential of disruption during this period.

The new trains on the Larne Line have increased the passenger capacity and could play an important part in the minimising the traffic pressures that will occur during the period of road works. The Railway Park & Ride facilities that have been provided at Whitehead, Carrickfergus and Greenisland are already operating at full capacity. I believe that it is essential that additional Park & Ride facilities should be in place to try and alleviate pressures which are likely to occur when road works start within the next year. “

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