Beggs Welcomes Park and Ride facility at Jordanstown Train Halt

Roy Beggs MLA has welcomed the investment of £600.000 from the Department of Regional Development to develop a park and ride facility at Jordanstown Railway Station.

Roy Beggs said, “Many commuters live beyond walking distance on their local railway station, and the provision of improved park and ride facilities is vital to encourage greater use of public transport. I am aware that the lack of car parking provision around Jordanstown has caused tension with residents in the past and so I believe this new park and ride facility will also be welcomed by local residents.

The new CAF 4000 trains which are now operating on the Larne line are proving to be very popular and are encouraging even more people to avoid the traffic congestion and Office City Centre car parking costs. The provision of additional park and ride facilities will enable even more people to take the benefits of travelling by train”.

Over 60 spaces are being created at the new Park and ride Facility at Jordanstown rail halt.
Mr Beggs who has been a long-time advocate of park and ride said, “In addition to Jordanstown, there is now increased capacity at Carrickfergus- which has gone up from 126 to 295 spaces, as well as at Greenisland and Whitehead. This is clearly having a positive effect on customer numbers, and I would continue to encourage Translink to seek to increase capacity at other locations where possible.

With the Greenisland A2 road widening scheme expected to start within a year there is a further need to review how park and ride facilities could be expanded and road traffic congestion eased.”

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