Beggs welcomes Rivers Agency’s report into cause of Sullatober flooding

FloodingRBFollow a complaint from a constituent of regular flooding on the Marshallstown Road near Sullatober, Carrickfergus endangering traffic and property, Roy Beggs MLA pressed Rivers Agency to investigate and they have now identified a series of failings in local water courses in their detailed report.

Roy Beggs said,  “Having identified a water course issue and pressed the River Agency to investigate, I welcome the result of their investigation.  The Rivers Agency have produced a comprehensive report highlighting the source of the surface water that has been flowing from Sullatober onto the Marshallstown Road endangering road users and local residents property.  More importantly they have identified improvements which will have to be made.”

The report highlights four different sources of flooding: a sub-standard grill which has not been appropriately maintained; a collapsed/fractured culvert; an overflowing, above ground water storage tank; and a poorly maintained water course with a defective manhole with no proper inlet structure.

In conclusion Roy Beggs MLA said,  “The Rivers Agency have documented the cause of the flooding. I hope that everyone will speedily carry out the up-grades where they are responsible. By working with the River Agency it has been possible to identify the defects up stream rather than require Transport NI to regularly address the flooding symptom on our roads. When this work is completed the high risk of flooding in the Sullatober area and on the Marshallstown Road will be greatly diminished and the risks to road users and local residents will be greatly diminished if not removed.”

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