Beggs Welcomes Speedy Response by Council to Remove Litter at Fisherman’s Quay

Roy Beggs MLA at Fisherman’s Quay

Roy Beggs has welcomed the speedy response by Carrickfergus Borough Council to remove the significant build-up of plastic bottles and litter from the popular Fisherman’s Quay area.

Roy Beggs said, “The winter storms have deposited a considerable amount plastic bottles and general litter onto the coast line area around Fisherman’s Quay to make it unsightly.  This is a very popular spot adjacent to the Marine Highway.    I would like to thanks Carrickfergus BC Environmental Services for the speedy removal of the waste material which included several car tyres and hundreds of plastic bottles.

This accumulation of waste has re-enforced the importance of us all disposing of items safely and recycle material where possible.   Plastic litter which makes its way to our water courses is likely to end up in the sea, damage wildlife and producing the unsightly deposits on our coast line.

Tourism is becoming increasingly important to the local economy and with the Giro D’Italia coming shortly, the A2 Antrim Coast and Glens route will be the focus of increasing media attention.   We all must try to ensure that NI and East Antrim coastline in seen in the most positive light to attract even more visitors who will boost the local economy.”

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