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Beggs responds to Cairncastle Ghost Tommie vandalism

Roy Beggs MLA has respond to media comments from a local Sinn Fein Councillor and the subsequent vandalism of the Ghost Tommie silhouettes in Cairncastle. Roy Beggs said “The Sinn Fein political representative has tried to politicise WW1 commemorations and the Ghost Tommie silhouettes which remember those who did not return. By his reckless remarks, he has increased community tensions. This is in stark contrast to the increased recognition from the Irish Government that huge losses were occurred from all sections of the community. Many young men left Cairncastle never to return. Republicans need to learn to have tolerance and respect for others.”

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Beggs & Wilson check in on Greenisland 3G pitch progress

Ulster Unionist Party elected representatives Roy Beggs MLA and Councillor Andrew Wilson have called out at Greenisland FC to check up on site to see the progress of the 3G pitch, which is eagerly anticipated by all those associated with the Football Club. In a joint statement, Roy Beggs & Andrew Wilson said “We first became involved in the lobby campaign for the 3G pitch in 2014 and have engaged proactively with Council to push for Local Government investment to add to the significant Sports NI investment which was drawn down by the Football Club. A number of years later, it is great to see the turf being moved in preparation for the 3G pitch installation in addition to the floodlights. Greenisland Football Club is a successful, local club and it is great to see them go from strength to strength and the players are a tribute to the 70 … Continue reading

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Beggs Welcomes Renewal of St Brides Street Zebra Crossing

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman Roy Beggs has welcomed work carried out by Transport NI to renew the Zebra crossing at the busy St Brides Street junction in Carrickfergus. Roy Beggs MLA said “I had contacted Transport NI a number of weeks ago to ask for the work to be carried out as the Zebra crossing was very faint and there was concern that vehicles may not see the crossing markings until it was too late.  It is welcome news that Transport NI have carried out the required work at the crossing which will improve road safety for vehicles and pedestrians in the area.”    

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Beggs welcomes amendment to Misuse of Drugs Act enabling clinicians to prescribe medicinal cannabis

Roy Beggs MLA, who was part of the cross party group of MLAs who had recognised the potential benefits of the medicinal use of cannabis products, has welcomed the amendment to the 2001 Misuse of Drugs Act and the changes indicated by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland that are to enable clinicians to prescribe the medicinal use of cannabis. Roy Beggs MLA said: “I am pleased that Northern Ireland clinicians will, from the 1st of November, be able to consider prescribing medicinal cannabis.  We must however recognise that as there is limited experience in this area that clinicians must be cautious in prescribing its use.  Like any drug, there are side effects and clinicians will want to minimise the risk of harm to patients. “The Home Office, by amending the 2001 Misuse of Drugs Legislation, has enabled some cannabis based products to be considered for use in the … Continue reading

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Legacy consultation response to the Northern Ireland Office

In the Foreword to the legacy consultation, the Secretary of State indicates that in addressing the legacy of the past we must meet the need of victims and survivors, promote reconciliation, reflect a broad consensus and be balanced, fair and equitable and proportionate.    I am concerned that the proposals suggested will not promote reconciliation, do not reflect the view of the community and are not balanced, fair and proportionate.  In particular the proposals are disproportionately directed at looking at the actions of the police and army, where there are extensive records.   The terrorist’s did not keep records.  Indeed those involved in terrorism have in the past either failed to disclose information or knowingly told falsehoods to protect their illegal organisation.   If someone was prepare to murder, surely we must be sceptical of any information that might come from them.   There is a real danger that the proposals will perpetuate division … Continue reading

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