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Roy Mocks SF ‘Fag Packet’ economics in Fuel Duty Debate

Roy wound up a debate on an Ulster Unionist amendment to a motion on Fuel Duty 24/4/12 click to hear part of debate “That this Assembly condemns the forthcoming 3p rise in the cost of fuel; notes that our people pay some of the highest fuel costs in Europe; recognises the potentially significant cost to the block grant of devolving fuel duty; and calls on the Executive to lobby Her Majesty’s Government to take action to address high fuel prices in Northern Ireland.”   Mr Beggs: The main motion sought to solve the difficulty of the high cost of fuel in Northern Ireland by simply devolving the tax-raising powers on fuel duty. What was not explained, although I did attempt to draw it out, is how that gap in funding would be filled. Clearly, there are European rulings and regulations to indicate that a region, if it is to diversify … Continue reading

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Roy Proposes Multi – Agency Support Team for All Schools Motion

  Click to play video of Roy Beggs MLA Proposing Motion on Multi-Agency Support Teams Roy Beggs MLA has voiced his support for the work of Multiagency Support teams in providing extra health and educational support to younger primary school age children. Proposing a motion in the Assembly, the UIster Unionist MLA highlighted the success of this model in detecting and addressing problems which children may experience in the early stages of their education. In the Northern Trust area, there are currently 4 Multiagency Support Teams for Schools (MASTS) who are made up of health and education experts in the fields of speech, language, behavioural , physiotherapy and clinical psychology therapies. Mr Beggs said: “One of the scheme’s benefits is its multidisciplinary nature. A range of issues can be dealt with by using a child-centred approach. I will demonstrate how one issue can frequently trigger others. What if a child … Continue reading

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Why is Roy Beggs an Ulster Unionist?

Why is Roy Beggs an Ulster Unionist?

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