Council urged to repair Glynn footbridge

Published on Thursday 22 March 2012 00:00

A CALL has been made for urgent action to be taken to enable the Glynn footbridge to be reopened to the public.

The bridge, which links Jubilee Park to St John’s Church and Craiganboy Park in the village, was closed off by Larne Council on health and safety grounds last summer.

And East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs has urged the local authority to swiftly carry out any necessary repair work and update the community on the situation.

He added: “At the time the bridge was closed, here were rumours circulating – which turned out to be false – that the bridge had been condemned and was going to be removed.

“There has been some confusion over who is the owner of the bridge and therefore responsible for upkeep. However, the council told me at the time that they were investigating this and that a full technical survey of the bridge would be taking place.

“I am disappointed that very little progress seems to have taken place over the winter and would urge the council to update the local community on this matter.

“The old bridge has great heritage value and is also a practical link for the people of the Glynn, especially St John’s parishioners.

“I would like to see positive decisions made on this, and necessary safety and repair work carried out swiftly to allow the reopening of this important landmark bridge,” Mr Beggs concluded.

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