Does Oliver McMullan support the police? – Beggs

O McMullan tweet 1_East Antrim Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs has challenged statements made on social media about the murder of Kevin McGuigan in the Short Strand area of Belfast by Sinn Fein MLA Oliver McMullan.

Mr Beggs said:

“Mr Oliver McMullan has tweeted “RUC/PSNI should deal in facts not speculation’ and “silly season still not over yet.”  This is clearly in relation to the statement by the police linking the murder of Kevin McGuigan to members of the Provisional IRA.

During 1973, the local East Antrim, Waterfoot beach was the end point of one of the disappeared when the IRA self-appointed executioners murdered a vulnerable man with learning difficulties.  I know that the East Antrim community do not want groups taking the law into their own hands.  Oliver McMullan should not be trying to castigate the Police for carrying out their duty.

“The Justice system requires the police to have justification to arrest individuals and charge them.  No illegal weapons should be on our streets.  We all should be supporting the police in carrying out their public duty of up-holding the law and removing guns and charging those who hold and use them.  It is then up to the PPS and the courts to independently assess the evidence presented.  Sinn Fein’s commitment to equality and equality under the law has once more come into question.

“Mr McMullan needs to tell us what he means by his statement.  Firstly, why is he using the phrase RUC/PSNI?  This is explicitly linking the PSNI with the RUC.

“Sinn Fein were meant to have signed up to policing and support for the PSNI.  They did not support the RUC and of course the Provisional IRA, to whom Sinn Fein were inextricably linked, murdered 277 RUC officers in a murderous 30 year terrorist campaign.

“Mr McMullan needs to explain exactly what he means when he deliberately joins the two names together, given SF’s past history.  He should also spell out what part of the police statement on the McGuigan murder he considers not to be factual.  We will wait Mr McMullan’s further statements with interest.”

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