Election 2016: UUP confirms candidates for East Antrim

The Ulster Unionist Party has selected Roy Beggs Jnr MLA, Alderman Maureen Morrow and Cllr John Stewart as its Assembly election candidates for East Antrim.

Commenting on the selection of the sitting MLA and the two Mid and East Antrim councillors, UUP leader Mike Nesbitt MLA said: “I am delighted by the choice which the Ulster Unionist Party is offering to the electorate in East Antrim at the upcoming Assembly election. We have a slate of candidates who, I am confident, will garner support from right across the East Antrim constituency.

“I congratulate Roy Beggs, Maureen Morrow and John Stewart on their selections and look forward to supporting their campaign in the coming weeks. Roy has again given superb service to the constituency this mandate and that, together with the party’s recent electoral successes, leave us confident that he will be joined by more Ulster Unionists at Stormont in May.

“Crucially, Roy, Maureen and John are all local people, who are deeply embedded within their local communities and have chosen to live and bring up their families in the area. They also bring a diverse set of skills developed in business, tourism and agriculture which will be invaluable in the next Assembly.”

Roy Beggs MLA said: “I have had the privilege to represent East Antrim in previous Assemblies and also to serve as Deputy Speaker. The knowledge I have gained will assist me to represent your interests, to hold government to account, and indeed to improve it. The Stormont Executive, dominated by the DUP and Sinn Fein, has not been delivering in terms of health, education or job opportunities. Waiting lists are too long, many of our young people do not reach their full potential and our economy has not grown like other parts of the UK or even the Republic of Ireland. This Executive is not delivering.

“I am looking forward to campaigning with my two Ulster Unionist colleagues who have a breadth of expertise. With your support we can make Northern Ireland work.”

Claiming that the UUP offers “a credible alternative in East Antrim”, Ald Morrow commented: “I am delighted to have been selected by my party to stand alongside Roy Beggs and John Stewart as a candidate for East Antrim in the Assembly election in May. We are all grounded in our local communities and want to offer the people better and more responsive representation at Stormont. Collectively, we offer the electorate a wide range of skills. I have worked in the tourism sector, business training and community development, which allows me to bring real life experience to local politics.”

Mr Stewart, who has served for six years as a councillor representing the people of Carrickfergus, added: “I know the importance and responsibility of public service and would relish the opportunity to take this representation to the next level at Stormont.

“For too long, politics in Northern Ireland has been about the fear of “what ifs”; ignoring a health service in crisis, a dysfunctional education department, a stagnant economy and an Executive that simply cannot make decisions. I look forward to delivering the positive Ulster Unionist Party message of progress, stability and prosperity and addressing the issues that really matter to the people in East Antrim and Northern Ireland.”

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