Larne Town gang attacks Condemned

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs has condemned those responsible for attacks on property in the Factory district of Larne town.

“I am obviously very concerned at reports of masked men armed with hammers attacking houses. This is Wild West stuff, which must be condemned without reservation.

Clearly there is a continuing problem with gangs in some parts of the borough. Whether those involved belong to a criminal gang or a paramilitary gang, whether they describe themselves as loyalist or republican is beside the point. Damaging property is a criminal action.

If the occupant of the homes had confronted the attackers, the hammers could easily been used in a serious assault or worse.

I would appeal to the public to help the police in identifying those behind these incidents before someone is maimed, and for the PSNI to take robust action in identifying the culprits and taking them off our streets. Whilst the criminal justice system has imperfections, it is still much better than the law of the jungle”

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