Ongoing pot hole problems

A local MLA has spoken out about the state of roads in East Antrim and inadequate repair carried out on potholes.

Roy Beggs said, “In recent months I have noticed an increasing number of potholes, particularly on rural roads. More and more constituents are contacting me regarding dangerous potholes in our roads.

“It appears to me that only the more severe potholes, on busier routes. are being repaired in a timely fashion.

“Hannas Road, just above Larne is in very poor condition with a huge void that you might expect to find on hill track, not a public road.”

The Ulster Unionist MLA added: “Local residents have advised me that they are concerned at the delay in repairing the significant void in Hannas Road, Larne which services several businesses.

They have indicated that several claims for vehicle damage have had to be submitted to Transport NI.

They are concerned that even more road users will be caught out by the severity of the defect in the road unless action is taken to address it. I have notify Transport NI and have called for a detailed assessment of the void and a repair programme which will now have to be very extensive involving the very base of the road.

“The Finance minister had allocated insufficient funds for roads repair and even the late additional funding has not met demands.”

In conclusion, he said: “It is unacceptable that local tax payers and ratepayer should be suffering from such defective roads.

“Public funds are being wasted in having to pay for multiple vehicle repairs which could be avoided if timely repairs to the road were made. I would urge everyone to report potholes directly to Transport NI, or alternative to myself to pass on.

“The more defectives that are reported the sooner sufficient resources will have to be allocate to maintain roads as opposed to vehicle repairs.”

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