Paramilitary gangs acting as ‘judge, jury and executioners’, claims Beggs

East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs. INCT 17-704-CON

East Antrim Westminster candidate Roy Beggs has condemned paramilitary gangs for acting as “self-appointed judge, jury and executioners” in the Larne area.

Following several vicious assaults in the town and the erection of a paramilitary mural in Craigyhill, the Ulster Unionist MLA has urged the public to assist the PSNI in tackling criminal activity “from whatever source it comes”.

And he has also welcomed an assurance that more officers will deployed to Larne.

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Mr Beggs said: “I recently met Superintendent Ryan Henderson and Chief Inspector Stephen McCauley, senior PSNI officers who have a responsibility for policing in Carrickfergus and Larne following the reorganisation of policing to the new council boundaries.

“I highlighted my concern on a number of local policing issues and that response policing officers have been based outside the area, resulting in significant travel time during each shift.

“It is clear to me that an increased police presence and engagement with the local community is required to address the recent increase in serious assaults and criminal activity related to gangs.

“I was pleased to be advised that in the new policing structure, over 50 response police officers covering Carrickfergus and Larne will be redeployed to the Larne station and that community policing will be centred in Carrickfergus.”

However, Mr Beggs spoke of his disappointment that “intimidatory” paramilitary murals have been erected in the town, including one in the Craigyhill estate.

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“Some self-appointed judge, jury and executioners believe that they control the community,” he said.

“It is important that the community works with the PSNI to address issues of concern and for the police to enforce the law in a timely and impartial and basis.

“All British citizens must be protected under our criminal justice system.

“Yes, it has flaws and it needs to modernise and improve, but it is better than the law of the jungle that some would wish to implement,” Mr Beggs concluded.

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