Praise for community champions involved in Carnalbanagh and Glenarm Broadband solution

Alan Stewart, John Watt, Ald Morrow & Roy Beggs MLA at Carnalbanagh

Roy Beggs MLA, who had highlight a sizeable group of constituents above Glenarm, without an effective broadband connection, has praised East Antrim man Alan Stewart’s Husky Networks and local community champions Ald. Maureen Morrow and John Watt, chairman of Larne UFU for enabling a new 30Mb/s broadband to be provide.

Roy Beggs MLA said, “I had been contacted by a sizeable number of constituents who had been suffering from unreliable and low broadband speeds and noticed a significant group had postcodes from the Glenarm area. I then contacted Alan Stewart of Husky Networks who along with local community champions John Watt of Deerpark Engineering and Ald. Maureen Morrow helped to locate a Wi-Fi Broadband service which has already been providing a reliable 30MB/s service for over 4 months. I am delighted that the rural homes and businesses that had been overlooked by the main National broadband suppliers are now receiving a broadband service that most of us take for granted. I am already received glowing reports of the extended Husky Networks Broadband services from constituents from the Carnalbanagh area“.

Many in the Carnalbanagh and the rural area above Glenarm had less than 2Mb/s provided by BT which was not meeting the needs of this isolated rural community. There are also limited mobile phone signals in the area.

John Watt, who operates Deerpark Engineering, a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering business said, “A quality broadband connection is vital to exchange information with customers. In the past I would have struggled to send large Engineering drawings. It is great now to have a reliable fast broadband for instant contact with my customers. The Husky Network Wi-Fi service will also benefit local farmers as the Dept. of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affair are increasingly requiring local farmers to complete on-line forms.”

Cllr Maureen Morrow who had previously arranged a community meeting to highlight the poor broadband service said, “A quality broadband service in this day and age is an essential for rural businesses, farmers and families. With farm animals birth, deaths and movement all required to be updated online by DAERA and banking, VAT Returns, subsidy forms and claims also moving to an online system it is becoming crucial to have access to Broadband. Also, rural schools can find it difficult to comply with the curriculum as children may be unable to complete and submits homework and on line. This new broadband service will also enable everyone to keep in touch with their friends through the world and so reduce rural isolation. I am already aware of positive reports of the new broadband service.”

Alan Stewart, of Husky Networks said, “Husky Networks provide wireless broadband service to many parts of East Antrim that had been overlooked by the main National broadband suppliers. Maureen, John and Roy highlighted the need for an improved broadband service for Carnalbanagh and Glenarm area. The community champions then helped me make the local connections, to bring the new service to this isolated local community. With broadband having become a vital local infrastructure service I am pleased to have provided a solution that will meet the needs of business, young people and indeed the entire family.”


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