Preferential voting

Commenting on preferential voting Roy Beggs, a local Ulster Unionist candidate  said, “I would ask voters to support myself and my Ulster Unionist colleague, John Stewart; then other pro-union candidates who have not been personally tainted by the RHI, NAMA and Red Sky Affairs; and then to continue to show a preference for other candidates who can help secure a stable peaceful NI with a growing economy for the benefit of all.

Sinn Fein have forced this election in an irresponsible manner without ensuring that the budget is in place for public services beyond March.  In East Antrim, with only 5 MLA’s to be elected and the increased quota requirement, the Sinn Fein seat is vulnerable if unionist turnout and vote.  I would urge unionists, nationalist and other voters by their preferential voting to ensure that both the DUP and Sinn Fein pay for their poor record in government.

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