Protocol unfairly impacts pleasure boat owners in Northern Ireland – Beggs

Protocol unfairly impacts pleasure boat owners in Northern Ireland – Beggs

Roy Beggs MLA has written to the Secretary of State for NI asking him to intervene to prevent the implementation of a further illogical EU Court of Justice proposal which will force pleasure boat owners to use white diesel containing bio-diesel which attracts moisture and so adding to fuel contamination risks in the marine environment.

Roy Beggs MLA said:

“For some time UK pleasure boat owners have been able to use red diesel and simply pay the additional duty to the level of white diesel. This avoided risks of fuel contamination from the 7% bio-fuel content in white diesel which attracts moisture, particularly in the marine environment. This is being allowed to continue in the rest of the UK. But despite the UK leaving the EU, the EU are forcing Northern Ireland to adopt a 2018 EU Court of Justice ruling, adding dangers of fuel contamination to boat users as a result of the NI Protocol.

“The decision would also result in additional VAT charges to diesel pleasure boat owners. Users would incur the 20% VAT on white diesel rather than the 5% charge on red diesel, increasing the fuel cost over that in neighbouring UK regions and putting off visitors.

“This is yet another demonstration of illogical EU decision making and another reason why the Northern Ireland Protocol must go.”


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