What’s every MLA tweeting about right now? Live social media stream of Northern Ireland Assembly members 2016-2021

Stormont's 108 MLAs
Stormont’s 108 MLAs
Belfast East
Belfast East: Andy Allen UUP
Belfast East: Joanne Bunting, DUP
Belfast East: Sammy Douglas, DUP
Belfast East: Naomi Long, Alliance
Belfast East: Chris Lyttle, Alliance
Belfast East: Robin Newton, DUP
Belfast North
Belfast North: Paula Bradley, DUP
Belfast North: Gerry Kelly, Sinn Fein
Belfast North: William Humphrey, DUP
Belfast North: Nichola Mallon, SDLP
Belfast North: Nelson McCausland, DUP
Belfast North: Caral Ni Chuilin, Sinn Fein
Belfast South
Belfast South: Clare Bailey, Green Party
Belfast South: Paula Bradshaw, Alliance
Belfast South: Claire Hanna, SDLP
Belfast South: Emma Little Pengelly, DUP
Belfast South: Mairtin O Muilleoir, Sinn Fein
Belfast South: Christopher Stalford, DUP
Belfast West
Belfast West: Alex Attwood, SDLP
Belfast West: Gerry Carroll, People Before Profit
Belfast West: Alex Maskey, Sinn Fein
Belfast West: Fra McCann, Sinn Fein
Belfast West: Jennifer McCann, Sinn Fein
Belfast West: Pat Sheehan, Sinn Fein
East Antrim
East Antrim: Roy Beggs, UUP
East Antrim: Stewart Clyde Dickson, Alliance
East Antrim: David Hilditch, DUP
East Antrim: Noel Jordan, DUP
East Antrim: Oliver McMullan, Sinn Fein
East Antrim: Alastair Ross, DUP
East Londonderry
East Londonderry: Caomihe Archibald, Sinn Fein
East Londonderry: Maurice Bradley, DUP
East Londonderry: Adrian McQuillan, DUP
East Londonderry: Gerry Mullan, SDLP
East Londonderry: George Robinson, DUP
East Londonderry: Claire Sugden, Independent
Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Rosemary Barton, UUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Arlene Foster, DUP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Michelle Gildernew, Sinn Fein
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Sean Lynch, Sinn Fein
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Richie McPhillips, SDLP
Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Maurice Morrow, DUP
Foyle: Mark H Durkan, SDLP
Foyle: Colum Eastwood, SDLP
Foyle: Eamonn McCann, People Before Profit
Foyle: Raymond McCartney, Sinn Fein
Foyle: Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein
Foyle: Gary Middleton, DUP
Lagan Valley
Lagan Valley: Robbie Butler, UUP
Lagan Valley: Paul Given, DUP
Lagan Valley: Brenda Hale, DUP
Lagan Valley: Trevor Lunn, Alliance
Lagan Valley: Jenny Palmer, Ulster Unionist Party
Lagan Valley: Edwin Poots, DUP
Mid Ulster
Mid Ulster: Keith Alexander Buchanan, DUP
Mid Ulster: Linda Dillon, Sinn Fein
Mid Ulster: Patsy McGlone, SDLP
Mid Ulster: Ian Milne, Sinn Fein
Mid Ulster: Michelle O’Neill, Sinn Fein
Mid Ulster: Sandra Overend, UUP
Newry and Armagh
Newry and Armagh: Cathal Damian Boylan, Sinn Fein
Newry and Armagh: Megan Fearon, Sinn Fein
Newry and Armagh: William George Irwin, DUP
Newry and Armagh: Danny Kennedy, UUP
Newry and Armagh: Justin McNulty, SDLP
Newry and Armagh: Conor Murphy, Sinn Fein
North Antrim
North Antrim: Jim Allister, TUV
North Antrim: Paul Frew, DUP
North Antrim: Philip Logan, DUP
North Antrim: Daithi Gerard McKay, Sinn Fein
North Antrim: Mervyn Storey, DUP
North Antrim: Robin Swann, UUP
North Down
North Down: Steven Agnew, Green Party
North Down: Alan Chambers, UUP
North Down: Gordon Mervyn Dunne, DUP
North Down: Alex Easton, DUP
North Down: Stephen Farry, Alliance
North Down: Peter James Weir, DUP
South Antrim
South Antrim: Steve Aiken, UUP
South Antrim: Pam Cameron, DUP
South Antrim: Trevor Clarke, DUP
South Antrim: David RJ Ford, Alliance
South Antrim: Paul Girvan, DUP
South Antrim: Declan Kearney, Sinn Fein
South Down
South Down: Sinead Bradley, SDLP
South Down: Chris Hazzard, Sinn Fein
South Down: Colin McGrath, SDLP
South Down: Harold McKee, UUP
South Down: Caitriona Ruane, Sinn Fein
South Down: Jim Wells, DUP
Strangford: Kellie Armstrong, Alliance
Strangford: Jonathan Bell, DUP
Strangford: Simon Hamilton, DUP
Strangford: Michelle McIlveen, DUP
Strangford: Mike Nesbitt, UUP
Strangford: Philip Smith, UUP
Upper Bann
Upper Bann: Sydney Alexander Anderson, DUP
Upper Bann: Doug Beattie, UUP
Upper Bann: Jo-Anne Dobson, UUP
Carla Lockhart DUP
Upper Bann: John O’Dowd, Sinn Fein
Upper Bann: Catherine Seeley, Sinn Fein
West Tyrone
West Tyrone: Michaela Boyle, Sinn Fein
West Tyrone: Thomas Buchanan, DUP
West Tyrone: Ross Hussey, UUP
West Tyrone: Declan McAleer, Sinn Fein
West Tyrone: Daniel McCrossan, SDLP
West Tyrone: Barry McElduff, Sinn Fein

The new Assembly term opened officially on Thursday, May 12, 2016 – the fifth mandate since the Good Friday agreement.

There are 38 DUP MLAs, 28 Sinn Fein members, 16 Ulster Unionists, 12 from the SDLP and eight Alliance among the 108  members as well as two Greens, two People Before Profit Alliance, one TUV member and one independent. All but 11 members of the Assembly have Twitter accounts and you can follow them right here:

There are 29 new members for this term.

At the first session Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness were re-appointed First and deputy First Ministers.

The DUP’s Robin Newton was elected Speaker with Sinn Fein’s Caitriona Ruane appointed Principal Deputy Speaker alongside Deputy Speakers Danny Kennedy (UUP) and Patsy McGlone (SDLP).

On the first day of the Assembly, UUP leader Mike Nesbitt announced his party would move into opposition.

The SDLP followed suit.

Following their moves the following were selected as ministers in the new Executive.

Minister for the the Economy – Simon Hamilton, DUP

Minister for Education – Peter Weir, DUP

Minister for Agriculture and the Environment – Michelle McIlveen, DUP

Minister for Communities – Paul Givan, DUP

Minister for Finance – Mairtin O Muilleoir, SF

Minister for Infrastructure – Chris Hazzard, SF

Minister for Health – Michelle O’Neill, SF

Junior Minister – Megan Fearon, Independent

More: Northern Ireland Executive ministers named: Independent Sugden named Justice Minister – DUP and Sinn Fein choose ministries

There is nothing to say any MLA should have a Twitter account.

But those that don’t include nine DUP MLAs: Maurice Bradley, Tom Buchanan, Alex Easton, William Humphrey, William Irwin, Nelson McCausland, Adrian McQuillan, Lord Morrow and Mervyn Storey.

Gerry Mullan of the SDLP and Harold McKee of the UUP also don’t have accounts.

Parliamentary reports show first speaker only - follow this lnk for the full transcription.
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