Will local MLA outline role in “Cash for Ash” RHI complaint?

Roy Beggs MLA has called on Alastair Ross MLA to explain why he decided at the last minute, not to appear on the Nolan Show regarding the Cash for Ash, Renewable Heating Initiative given his role as Arlene Foster’s Assembly Private Secretary during the period of whistle blowing.

Roy Beggs MLA said, “Arlene Foster signed off the flawed Renewable Heating Initiative which will be costing NI over £400m as a result of allowing users to make “Cash for Ash”.  However a whistle blower highlighted the abuse to the Minister as early as 2013 and to her department again in 2014 and 2015.  As Assembly Private Secretary Alastair Ross would have had access to all departmental papers.  
It is disappointing that Alistair Ross cancelled his appearance on the Nolan show as there are questions to answer.  Why was this early complaint to the Minister, which will now be costing the public some £400m+, not followed up by the Minister, her highly paid special adviser special or indeed Alistair Ross MLA.  There will be a relatively small number of whistle blowing allegations made directly to the minister.   The public needs to know why this was not followed up and acted upon? “

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