Beggs calls for community to give any information on violent criminal to PSNI

Roy Beggs MLA has expressed his abhorrence at the news of a woman shop assistant having been stabbed during an attempted robbery of the shop at St John’s Place, Larne.

Roy Beggs, Ulster Unionist MLA said, “I would ask the local community to give any information they might have to the police of this assailant who was willing to use his knife on a defenceless woman.   This man is a danger to the local community and the sooner he is off the streets and his weapon is confiscated the better.   Given the description given, I have no doubt that someone will know who it was and should give information to the PSNI.   Someone may even feel personally threated by him.  If so, I would suggest that the anonymous Crimestoppers telephone number 0800 555 111  could be used assist police identify him.

Local shops provide an important service to local communities and attacks such as this in which staff are threatened can endanger their future.   I would call on the community to come together and assist the police in protecting their local shop and their community from this violent criminal.”

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