Beggs condemns threatening graffiti against Border Control staff

Responding to threatening graffiti against Border Control staff Roy Beggs, Ulster Unionist MLA said;

“I can understand the injustice felt by the entire unionist community following the introduction of a Border down the Irish Sea, but I condemn the threats to staff carrying out their job. Such threats are likely to add to delays and difficulties experienced by our hauliers and the wider community.

“We need the Secretary of State for NI, HMG and the EU to modify the bureaucratic regulations, which have been determined by the Joint Committee. The barriers imposed inhibiting trade between NI and our main suppliers and customers in the rest of the UK are already proving costly to the haulage sector and local businesses. The processes are effecting the local economy. Additional costs will be ultimately passed on to consumers.

“This is an urgent matter as even more burdensome processes are due to be introduced on the 1st April and the 1st of July when exemptions come to an end.

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