Beggs Decries Bank Withdrawal from East Antrim

Commenting on the imminent closure of Bank of Ireland branches in East Antrim, Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs Jnr said:
“With closures of branches announced for Larne, Carrickfergus and Ballyclare, Bank of Ireland are effectively withdrawing from our district. They seem to be leaving local customers with little alternative but to take their business elsewhere.”

Mr Beggs added, “ I have been advised by the Bank of Ireland that they are “are investing in a modern branch network that provides customers with easy
access to banking services and is fully integrated with our online, phone and mobile channels.” However, a large percentage of our community, particularly the older generation are used to the personal touch that a local bank provides and are not up to speed with or confident in online Banking.”

“ Coming hard on the heels of the closure of the Northern Bank in Whitehead, and the recent announcement that the Ulster Bank branch at Jordanstown is closing, it is clear that the changing face of modern banking is leaving us with much less choice in East Antrim. It is also bad news for the staff and creates more dereliction in our town centres. “

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