Beggs secures additional road safety measures at Raloo/Crosshill cross roads

East Antrim UUP representative Roy Beggs MLA has secured a range of additional road safety improvements at the Crosshill and the Raloo/Tureagh Road junction, following on from another serious accident at the junction.

Roy Beggs MLA, during communication with DFI Roads stated:
“I am aware of yet another serious accident at Raloo cross roads where adults and 3 children were involved. I am advised that a car did not stop at the stop sign on the Crosshill Road. You will be aware that this Stop sign is only fully visible late to the driver due the restricted space (further from the junction it is hidden by the building). The Road Marking needs renewed. I would again request that anti slip marking and up-graded road marking would be used to highlight the approaching junction.”
Mr Beggs continued; “I am pleased that following my request, DFI-Roads have now carried out a site visit to the Crosshill junction which has been an accident black spot. I am pleased to learn that they advise me that they will be making a number of improvements. I hope that this will reduce the risk of further accidents at this junction.

Crosshill Road

– At the Raloo Road Junction we have moved the STOP sign and pole on the RHS closer to the kerb and faced back the hedge in order to improve visibility;
– The Stop sign you refer to on the LHS has been moved slightly on the cantilever pole in order to improve visibility;
– We have replaced the damaged STOP sign and pole; and,
– We will upgrade the STOP Advance Warning 100yds sign with a Yellow High Visibility backing board.

DFI Roads have also instructed our Road Marking Contractor to :

– Replace the SLOW road marking which is currently at the yellow HV Advance Warning Sign with “STOP 180yds” road markings;
– In front of House No. 39 replace the existing “STOP 180yds” road markings Stop 180yds with a “SLOW” road marking;
– At SL No 4 place another SLOW Road Marking closer to Raloo junction;
– Refresh the STOP junction & road markings at the Raloo/Tureagh Road junctions with Crosshill Road;
– Place a “STOP 100yds” road marking at the Advance Warning Sign on the quarry side of the Crosshill Road.

Tureagh Road

– Place a “SLOW” road marking at the crossroads sign.

Raloo Road

– Place “SLOW” road marking at the crossroads sign.

A DFI Roads spokesperson added “It is hoped the improvements listed above will ensure all drivers are aware that they are approaching a crossroads, however the Department will continue to monitor the location.”

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