Don’t dice with death, Northern Ireland selfie takers warned

They may be dramatic images, but they’re also highly dangerous.

And the Coastguard has warned people heading to the seaside are risking their lives if they continue to take selfies in potentially life-threatening locations.

It comes after a series of images were posted on social media over the weekend showing people standing on the edge of a pier as a huge wave crashes.

James Marshall of the Coastguard in Coleraine said while the views may be spectacular, they should be enjoyed from a safe distance, especially when seas remain rough and the ground is slippery.

“We do get frustrated when we see images posted of people being in situations they should never put themselves in for the sake of a great photograph,” he said.

“We’ve been here so many times before when we have to put our own lives at risk to rescue others who have been caught out.

“Falling into the sea at this time of year is not a good experience. The tides are still very heavy and all along the north coast in particular we are constantly warning about the dangers of some of the strongest currents around.

“Anyone falling into the sea unexpectedly is already in great difficulty. The water can be freezing, the currents too strong, and we don’t want to be dealing with a tragedy which could so easily be avoided.”

Concerning images also appeared of photos at Mussenden Temple, with people risking their lives on the cliff edge.

“We had the same issue this time last year with people taking photographs in areas were they’re not supposed to be for their own safety,” added Mr Marshall.

“There are barriers, fences and warnings for a reason. They’re not trying to stop people enjoying some of the best scenery the north coast has to offer.

“We want people to come and enjoy the walks and the views, but we want them to do that responsibly.

“No matter how good the picture, you don’t want it to be what people remember you for.

“Please be warned that the risk is real. All it takes is one freak wave, once misstep, and it could be disastrous.”

He added: “We would appeal to people not to be idiots.

“Keep a safe distance. Take your photos where it’s safe to do so.

“Some of the images we have seen appearing on social media last weekend are frightening when you know the danger people have put themselves in to get them.”

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