Roads minister Nichola Mallon urged to publish review of York Street project in Belfast

While the recommendations were published last month, the review itself was not, and the minister has now said she has no plans to do so.

In response to an Assembly question tabled by Alliance MLA Andrew Muir, Ms Mallon said: “For a Project Assurance Review to be effective and of value, exchanges between interviewees and the panel need to be open, frank and confidential in nature. As such, in line with the guidance [from the Department of Finance], I do not plan to publish this report. I have, however, published the six recommendations of the review and I have asked for further work to be carried out on the recommendations, the outcome of which is to be reported to me in the autumn of 2021.”

The York Street Interchange project aims to transform traffic flow at the intersection of the Westlink, M2 and M3 – Northern Ireland’s busiest road junction.

Proposed York Street Interchange
Proposed York Street Interchange



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