Roy Highlights Need for Pain Management Clinic in Northern Trust area

Beggs urges Northern Health Trust to appoint designated support staff for pain management clinics.

East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs has called on the Northern Health & Social Care Trust to appoint designated support staff for pain management clinics, in line with other HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland.

Mr Beggs said;
“Pain management services are critical for the recovery of patients following illnesses, as well as those who suffer from chronic pain. It is therefore imperative that the service they provide is of the highest level.
‘I wrote to the Health Minister and asked him to break down by HSC Trust, the number of staff working in specialist pain services. The Northern HSC Trust was found to be the only Trust with no designated staff to support pain management consultants. This is not in line with other HSC Trusts who have at least one Specialist Nurse in order to assist the consultants and provide support to more patients.

‘I have written to the Chief Executive of the Northern HSC Trust to ask him to rectify this situation to bring the service operated by the Trust to a level of service provided elsewhere. At a very minimum I would expect the Northern Trust to appoint a Specialist Nurse, who would be able to provide available services such as running TENS clinics and increasing patient care.
‘With hospitals already struggling to cope with demand, the service offered to patients could be improved by the appointment of a Specialist Nurse as designated support to consultants in the .”

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