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Need to Raise Awareness of Endometriosis

Roy has spoken in an Assembly debate on Endometriosis, a common condition in which small pieces of the womb lining (the endometrium) are found outside the womb. “That this Assembly calls on the Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety to initiate and expedite an inquiry into the urgent need for an integrated endometriosis service to address the severe suffering experienced by women with this condition across Northern Ireland.”  Mr Beggs: I, too, support the motion. Endometriosis affects thousands of women in Northern Ireland and hundreds of thousands of women in the United Kingdom. In a recent Assembly answer to a question from the Chair of the Committee, the Health Minister indicated that some 1,155 hospital admissions in Northern Ireland in 2011-12 were as a result of diagnosis of endometriosis. The lack of awareness of the condition is of particular concern, and that is why I welcome this debate. … Continue reading

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