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Ulster Unionists urge Executive to provide young children free school meals

Roy Beggs MLA who earlier this week in a debate on free school meals urged that every child should be given a free school meal, has welcomed the decision of the Westminster Government to provide free school meals to primary school infants.  He has urged  the NI Executive to do likewise with the funding that will be made available locally. Roy Beggs MLA, the Ulster Unionist Health Spokesman said, “A nutritional diet is vital for a child’s development and to improve concentration in the classroom. The current Free School Meals system is not fully taken up and 20,000 children were estimated by the NI Audit Office to be failing to taking up their entitlement. Fear of stigmatisation is thought to be a factor. The earnings limits also creates a cliff for the working poor. If a family earns a little more they can be worst off as they could lose … Continue reading

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