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Mr Beggs is Deputy Speaker of the N I Assembly

Beggs suggests that Council offer a Royal Oak sapling for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee tree at Stormont

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs, who serves as a Deputy Speaker at Stormont, has written to Mid & East Antrim Borough Council to ask that they consider donating a sapling from the Royal Oak Grove, Clements Wood in Larne, to the NI Assembly Commission. In his letter to Council, Roy Beggs wrote: “You may have picked up from the media that the Commission at the Northern Ireland Assembly have now agreed to plant a tree to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. I understand that under the ridiculous Northern Ireland protocol there remains difficulties in importing trees from the rest of the UK. However, being aware of Mid and East Antrim’s Royal Oak Grove which was planted from acorns from the late Queen Mother’s estate I thought that a small tree or sapling from it would be very appropriate for the Platinum Jubilee at Stormont. I have spoken … Continue reading

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Assembly Speaker should resign now over BBC Spotlight revelations – Beggs

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman Roy Beggs MLA has called for Robin Newton to resign as Speaker of the Assembly now, rather than wait until the election of a new Speaker. Roy Beggs MLA, a former Deputy Speaker in the Northern Ireland Assembly, said: “This issue goes to the heart of public confidence in politics in Northern Ireland at a time when the credibility of Stormont and local politics is already at an all-time low. “The office of Speaker should be above reproach and rather than resign after he chairs the election of a new Speaker, Robin Newton should simply go now. He should have resigned back in December when he showed a lack of impartiality. “What we need now is a radical investigation into the Social Investment Fund (SIF), its operation and in particular the role of Special Advisers in its formulation. It needs to get to the … Continue reading

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Ulster Unionists Welcome Transport NI Proposals to Combat Speeding in Ballycarry

After being made aware of the recurring problem of speeding by members of the Ballycarry community, Ulster Unionists Roy Beggs MLA and Cllr Mark McKinty have contacted Transport NI to press for improved signage and traffic calming for the village. Roy Beggs MLA said “In communication that I passed onto Transport NI, I made it clear that further traffic calming measures are needed within the 30 mph limit at each of the approaches to the village: For example rumble strips and red road speed markings to increase awareness amongst motorists that they have entered a restricted speed limit area.” Larne Lough Councillor Mark McKinty shared concern about the issue and advised that the concern of speeding has also been raised with him from the local community that there is a wider issue about speeding in the village. “Genuine concern for safety of local residents, particularly the young and elderly, have … Continue reading

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Beggs demands urgent action to save millions of pounds in enforcing fine defaults

Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs has highlighted the unacceptable cost of fine enforcement services. Speaking after the issue was raised during a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee, the East Antrim MLA also questioned why the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunal Service is taking two more years to implement a modernised system that would save literally millions of pounds. Mr Beggs said; “Over the past number of years an increasing number of people have ended up in prison for the non-payment of fines. Our prisons should be for people who commit serious crime, not for people who fail to pay fines. That is why I believe the current system needs reviewed. “The justice system in Northern Ireland often seems out of touch with reality. At present a fine default of as little as £50 could result in disproportionate, bureaucratic, inefficient response from our legal system. I welcome the fact that … Continue reading

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Beggs Leads Remembrance Service at Stormont

East Antrim Assemblyman Roy Beggs MLA has led the annual Service of Remembrance at the Northern Ireland Assembly, in his role as Deputy Speaker. The UUP man read a lesson, laid a wreath and led the last post ceremony, which took place in the Senate Chamber at Stormont. Roy Beggs MLA said “It was an honour to lead the service alongside Deputy Speaker Dallat MLA and Dr Malcolm McKibbin, the Head of the Civil Service. It is important that we remember the fact that so many of our forefathers sacrificed their tomorrow for our today.  We will be forever in their debt and the living owe it to those who can no longer speak, to tell their story for them.” “The Senate Chamber was used as part of the war effort during WW2, as a RAF operational HQ. Indeed, the first sighting of the Bismarck was reported to the Senate … Continue reading

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