Beggs offers solutions to address growing MOT waiting lists

Roy Beggs

Roy Beggs, Ulster Unionist Party candidate in East Antrim, has highlighted that NI MOT testing is failing vehicle owners and has pointed to the Ulster Unionist Manifesto commitments to use Temporary Exemption Certificates and explorations of the use of additional authorised garages, as in GB to get the waiting list down.

Roy Beggs said, “Local drivers are having difficulty in booking a timely MOT test when their current MOT expires. This is causing great anxiety and I am aware of fines being given by DVLA in Swansea when drivers who’s MOT has run out, are then unable to tax their car. The Department for Infrastructure, despite the efforts of DVA and the use of extensive staff overtime, are failing local drivers”.

DVA official figures show that the MOT waiting list has grown by over 141,000 vehicles, since the use of Temporary Exemption Certificates to extend MOT’s, ended last summer.” (see official figures below)

MOT reminder letters were typically issues 5 weeks before a test but the MOT waiting list is now in the region of 16 weeks for most centres. MOT waiting list for a test has almost doubled over the past year with most centres now taking bookings for September.

Concluding Roy Beggs said, “It is clear that the status quo is unacceptable and action is required. That is why Ulster Unionist have proposed the joint approach of the use of MOT exemption certificates, reflecting staff absences due to COVID, and the exploration of the use of private garage for MOT testing, under regulated supervision, as in the rest of the UK.
The DVA uses the 5 year average figures to compare performance. But there are an increase numbers of vehicles requiring MOT. The only real measure of performance should be the comparison of the number of MOT applications and the number of tests provided and whether the waiting list is growing or shortening. Based on their own figures, it is clear that there is a problem that needs to be addressed”

Note of editor:
See official figures on page 2 

Table 1.4: Vehicle Test Applications – Full Tests Table 1.1a: Vehicle Tests Conducted – Full Tests
Source: DVA – B&R Source: DVA – B&R
Full Test Applications Average for the month over the previous 5 years Full Tests Conducted Average for the month over the previous 5 years change in waiting list
2021 July 57,393 58,973 2021 July 42,261 63,067 15,132
2021 August 81,227 62,145 2021 August 60,680 65,095 20,547
2021 September 93,653 66,310 2021 September 57,227 64,024 36,426
2021 October 95,555 69,531 2021 October 73,554 64,593 22,001
2021 November 74,268 63,829 2021 November 75,471 57,220 -1,203
2021 December 78,307 44,600 2021 December 58,288 55,449 20,019
2022 January 108,183 68,436 2022 January 76,333 96,307 31,850
2022 February 84,084 63,529 2022 February 73,827 81,954 10,257
2022 March 85,392 66,161 2022 March 84,034 79,106 1,358 141,255


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