Roy Beggs comments on scrapped ‘Boris Bridge’

Ulster Unionist Infrastructure spokesperson, Roy Beggs MLA, said:

“Unfortunately, I am not surprised that the so called ‘Boris bridge’ has been scrapped and that Sir Peter Hendy`s report has found that is isn`t currently viable. We did raise concerns about the engineering obstacles that would have to be overcome to attempt such a huge project in the current climate, never mind the billions of pounds that it would cost. It was the inevitable outcome.

We must now ensure that we focus on improving connectivity between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and will be asking the Government to invest some of the money that would have been spent to build the bridge, on improving the road system in Scotland not least the A75 and A77. It is vital that our connections with Scotland and England will still feature as prominently in future spending plans to improve connectivity across the United Kingdom.”

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