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Roy Questions Food Standards Agency on Horse Meat Issue

This week the Stormont Health committee received a briefing from the Food Standards Agency about the Horse Meant Scandal. Roy took the opportunity to question the officals:- Mr Beggs: It was touched on earlier that Northern Ireland has a very high level of traceability, perhaps the highest in the world. However, rogue traders and processors, whether in Europe or elsewhere, have put a bit of doubt in some minds at a cost to legitimate businesses. Do you agree that one of the ways of reducing risk factors is to keep the food chain as short as possible and that, to a degree, that means buying from a trusted local butcher? Ms Jennings: Mr Beggs, we have to look at the whole global food system, and we have to operate with what we have. We have to put checks and controls in place in that system to ensure that food can … Continue reading

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