Driver insurance could be hiked by £50 per year due to NI Protocol – Beggs

East Antrim Ulster Unionist MLA Roy Beggs has expressed concerns that Northern Ireland drivers could be subject to a £50 per year insurance hike if the NI Protocol forces us to diverge from GB insurance requirements.

Roy Beggs said;

“This week at Westminster the Transport Secretary announced the Government’s intention to scrap an EU Law which includes an additional insurance requirement which could require lawnmowers and golf buggies being used on private land to have specific insurance and which could result in a further £50 surcharge on all road drivers.

“This is a very sensible approach which will doubtless be welcomed by motorists in Great Britain, but it raises a number of questions for those of us here in Northern Ireland.

“The key question is, will NI drivers and gardeners be forced to diverge from GB legislation and have to pay additional Insurance as a result of the NI Protocol and the virtual Joint Authority that has been imposed on Northern Ireland via the undemocratic, Joint Committee?

“This would be yet another example of how the Protocol is having a negative effect on the lives of the people of Northern Ireland and would result in divergence between the laws applicable in NI from those in the rest of the UK .”

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