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Mr Beggs is a Committee member of the Health Committee (DHSSPS).

Beggs labels health cuts exercise pointless and chaotic

Ulster Unionist Health Spokesperson, Roy Beggs MLA, has hit out at what he describes as the ultimately pointless exercise from the Health Department, to demand undeliverable and dangerous savings, only for many to now be abandoned. Roy Beggs said: “It was outrageous that the Department of Health waited until half way through the year before demanding that the Health Trusts scramble to find £70m worth of emergency savings. It was inevitable that many of the proposals which did come back were irrational, contradictory and ultimately posed a serious risk to patient safety. “Proposals such as withholding essential drugs, shutting wards and putting a freeze on care packages for the elderly would have greatly intensified the crisis already engulfing the local health service. Several of the Health Trusts acknowledged that waiting times would have spiralled even further out of control and that patients would have ultimately came to harm. “The proposal … Continue reading

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Beggs responds to NHSCT cuts consultation – says “Lives will be put at risk” & in year reductions “should not be implemented”

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman Roy Beggs MLA has responded to the public consultation by the NHSCT on the proposed £13.2m cut to services via their financial savings plan for 2017/2018. The Ulster Unionist representative had previously attended the public consultation meeting in Mossley Mill along with Cllr Andrew Wilson, where the MLA addressed the meeting outlining his concerns relating to the in year cuts and the potential consequences to health care locally. Responding to the consultation, Roy Beggs, UUP Health Spokesperson submitted the following response before last weeks (5/10/17) response cut off: “Firstly I wish to register my disappointment that the public meeting in the Whiteabbey area, where the most significant cuts were being proposed with the 2 rehabilitation wards being closed, took place during an afternoon and not during the evening when it would have been more accessible for the many members of the public who would … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland will soon lag behind rest of UK on organ donation – Beggs

Ulster Unionist Health Spokesperson Roy Beggs MLA has warned that Northern Ireland will soon have the most out-dated organ donation system in the UK and has called for Northern Ireland to be included in the Prime Minister’s planned consultation for England. Roy Beggs said: “I am delighted that the Prime Minister has announced her desire for England to move to a new soft opt-out organ donation system, whereby people will be deemed to have consented unless they have indicated their wish to opt out. There is simply no question that the UK’s ability to help people who need transplants is limited by the number of organ donors that come forward. “It is an absolute tragedy that people continue to die every year while waiting on a transplant. “Wales already has a soft opt-out system, Scotland has said it will move to such a system shortly and this consultation in England … Continue reading

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Beggs attends Northern Trust board meeting

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs today attended the Northern Trust Board meeting with Party colleagues Robin Swann MLA & Steve Aiken MLA and learnt of proposed £13m cuts, which are out for consultation until October 5th. Roy Beggs MLA, UUP Health spokesperson said “The Northern Trust plan to avoid high locum and agency staff costs by ‘temporarily’ closing Whiteabbey rehabilitation wards and reduce elective surgery by 2,400. Reducing rehabilitation beds will increase acute hospital bed blocking, further reducing elective surgery & increasing outpatient waiting lists.” The consultation can be found at the following link: you can also email or telephone 028 2766 1377. Ends

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Beggs welcomes NHSCT efforts to recycle equipment

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party Assemblyman Roy Beggs has welcomed news from the Northern Health & Social Care Trust where that outlines that they are making ‘every effort to maximise the use of available resources and recycle equipment.’ Roy Beggs MLA said “I had previously been in contact with one of the local Health Trusts in Northern Ireland relating to the apparent reluctance of NHS staff to take equipment which had been provided during temporary illness. I pressed the Trust on what plans they had to provide an organised method of providing convenient collection points, so that the public can be encouraged to return items such as zimmer frames, walking sticks or crutches for reuse. The UUP Health Spokesperson added “Following the welcome news from the Northern Trust in which they advise that they will make every effort to maximise and recycle equipment, I have again contacted the Belfast Trust … Continue reading

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