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Beggs Questions Education Ministers Support For Officers Tackling Low Attendance

Ulster Unionist politician Roy Beggs MLA has questioned the Education Minister on the pressing need for Education Welfare Officers to have access to the computerised C2K attendance records, in order to better monitor pupil attendance rates in real time and to allow them to work more proactively. East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs said “Educational attendance is extremely important, and clearly links to a young person’s personal and academic development.  Why has the Minister, after over 3 years in office, not fully recognised the importance of the Education and Welfare Service in assisting to improve attendance?  Why as of yet have Education Welfare Officers not been given the appropriate tools to do their jobs, by providing them with access to the C2K systems at their offices.” At present, Education Welfare Officers only have access to schools C2K information on attendance when they are in each school on a site visit. “School … Continue reading

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Beggs urges customer focus over bin collections

Roy Beggs MLA who had served as a Councillor for 10 years has expressed disappointment at the number of complaints he has received over Carrickfergus Borough Council’s failure to provide a reliable bin collection service. Roy Beggs MLA said, “I have received  a number of complaints from the Greenisland and Carrickfergus areas were there has been a failure to complete the waste collection service on the nominated day.  This is inconveniencing residents and results in bins remaining on the street for an unduly long period with the associated additional risks to pedestrians and the environment.  Subsequent unplanned collections must also be adding cost to ratepayers.  I would urge Council staff to refocus on the needs of local residents and to ensure that the essential waste collection service is provided in a professional punctual manner in the future”.

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Hansard Transcript of Roy Beggs MLA’s comments on Larne Attacks

Mr Beggs: I thank Mr Dickson for bringing the issue forward.  It is a very serious matter that affects my home town of Larne.  I, too, extend my best wishes to the police officer who was injured and, indeed, to the members of the public who were injured through this attack. This was an attack by 50 to 100 masked men in two separate incidents — or perhaps it was three incidents, because three houses were involved.  It is very serious.  There was an attempted murder, serious assaults on individuals, and damage to homes and property.  I was struck by the comments of Assistant Chief Constable George Hamilton this morning when he linked the incidents to arrests that were made last week.  Those comments tell me that this was an attempt to influence the outcomes of those arrests and the criminal justice system.  It is very clear that, as such, … Continue reading

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Beggs challenges Health Minister on risks to public health from illegal meat plant

Ulster Unionist Party Health spokesperson Roy Beggs MLA has called on the Health Minister to detail the potential risk to public health from illicit meat following the discovery of an illegal abattoir in Forkhill, South Armagh. Roy Beggs has secured an emergency question in the Assembly this afternoon. The East Antrim MLA said; “Those who have organised and distributed the meat in this criminal venture have put public health at very serious risk for personal profit. “This afternoon I will ask the Health Minister directly just what impact this illegal meat could have on public safety. It is absolutely vital that the public know that the meat they are eating complies with minimum standards and most importantly is safe for human consumption. “Last September the Ulster Unionist Party revealed that 9,000 cattle went missing or were stolen over the preceding 3 years. At the time we stated our suspicions that … Continue reading

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Minutes of evidence from the Health Committee – Beggs questions PHA on Ovarian Cancer Awareness 19/02/2014

Ovarian Cancer Awareness: DHSSPS Officials and Public Health Agency Mr Beggs: Thank you for the presentation.  The ovarian cancer figures are truly shocking, with a third of women diagnosed at A&E when secondary symptoms show.  I understand that 75% of diagnoses occur when the cancer has already spread.  Therefore, the cancer is more difficult to treat, and the prognosis is not good.  There is then the issue of one third of women initially being misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. In 2013, we were advised by Una Crudden and Target Ovarian Cancer that only 58% of GPs in Northern Ireland were aware of the NICE guidance introduced in 2011.  You have come here to tell us that you sent a letter to GPs today.  Can you explain what you did in between?  Why did it take almost a year to contact GPs? Dr M McCarthy: First, it is not just a … Continue reading

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