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Press Releases by Roy Beggs

Childcare Vouchers closing to new entrants – apply now to avoid missing out

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs has urged constituents to ensure that the are registered for Childcare Vouchers with the scheme due to close to new entrants on 4th October 2018. This could mean that new parents and working families not registered before then, in addition to those who switch jobs after October, stand to lose out on up to £933 each year. Roy Beggs MLA said “It is important that the message gets out to the community that the 6 month extension from March 2018 is coming to an end and the deadline for new entrants is fast approaching. I would urge working parent constituents to contact the Employers for Childcare charity helpline 0800 028 3008 or email” A Spokesperson from Employers for Childcare said “Some parents have less than 4 weeks to register so it’s imperative that we make as many working parents aware that … Continue reading

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Praise for community champions involved in Carnalbanagh and Glenarm Broadband solution

Roy Beggs MLA, who had highlight a sizeable group of constituents above Glenarm, without an effective broadband connection, has praised East Antrim man Alan Stewart’s Husky Networks and local community champions Ald. Maureen Morrow and John Watt, chairman of Larne UFU for enabling a new 30Mb/s broadband to be provide. Roy Beggs MLA said, “I had been contacted by a sizeable number of constituents who had been suffering from unreliable and low broadband speeds and noticed a significant group had postcodes from the Glenarm area. I then contacted Alan Stewart of Husky Networks who along with local community champions John Watt of Deerpark Engineering and Ald. Maureen Morrow helped to locate a Wi-Fi Broadband service which has already been providing a reliable 30MB/s service for over 4 months. I am delighted that the rural homes and businesses that had been overlooked by the main National broadband suppliers are now receiving … Continue reading

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Beggs supports successful Breastival event in Belfast

East Antrim MLA and UUP Health Spokesperson, Roy Beggs has given his encouragement and support for the second Breastival event in NI and highlighted the health benefits from breast feeding, for mother and child at the event where Sammy Wilsons views were discounted, even by his party colleges. Speaking from the panel in Belfast, Roy Beggs MLA said “The World Health Organisation (WHO) have expressed concern at the low rates of breastfeeding in Europe which was adversely affecting health. There seems to be a societal lack of awareness that breast feeding has been scientifically proven to benefit both the mother and child. As well as increasing bonding between mother and child, breastmilk contains important antibodies, hormones, anti-viruses, anti-allergies, anti-parasites, growth factors and enzymes which are absent from Formula milk. Benefits for breastfed infants include reduced risk of infections, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, in addition to a reduced likelihood of … Continue reading

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Beggs calls for organ donation opt-out decision to be extended to Northern Ireland

Ulster Unionist Health Spokesperson, Roy Beggs MLA, has welcomed the announcement from the UK Government that a new opt-out system for organ donation will be in place across England by 2020. He has warned however that unless it is also extended here, Northern Ireland will soon be the only part of the United Kingdom without an opt-out system. Roy Beggs said: “Organ donation is one of the most selfless acts of kindness one person can do for another. Whilst it continues to have strong public support, unfortunately there remains a shortfall between the number of donors and the actual number of organs needed each year. “Tragically that means people are continuing to pass away each and every year in Northern Ireland whilst waiting for a transplant. “The decision by the UK Government to introduce an opt-out system in England is therefore very welcome and I am sure it will save … Continue reading

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Beggs welcomes announcement on legalisation of medicinal cannabis products

Ulster Unionist Health spokesperson Roy Beggs MLA has welcomed the announcement by the Home Secretary that specialist doctors will soon be able to legally prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products. He has also welcomed the news that Billy Caldwell and other such patients will shortly be able to have their medicine administered within their own homes. Roy Beggs said: “It’s been clear for some time that the UK’s current laws on cannabis-related medicinal products have been outdated and no longer fit for purpose. For too long the medicinal benefits of these tightly regulated products have been ignored and their use shrouded in legal uncertainty. “There is irrefutable evidence that prescribed cannabis derived medication has been beneficial to Billy Caldwell and to others experiencing severe epilepsy and for which conventional medicines have not worked. I am pleased that common sense has at last prevailed and that they will soon be legally granted this … Continue reading

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