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Press Releases by Roy Beggs

Beggs condemns weekend Antiville arson attack

East Antrim Ulster Unionist Assemblyman Roy Beggs has condemned those behind an arson attack which took place on Saturday evening in the Antiville area of Larne. Roy Beggs said; “Someone could have been seriously injured during this arson attack on Saturday night which saw extensive fire damage caused to a house in Antiville. I was relieved to learn that the residents escaped without injury. An arson attack on a residential home could result in a fatality and also could easily spread to neighbouring properties, endangering the homes and lives of neighbours. I would urge the community to come forward and help the PSNI with their investigations. If you think you saw something that could help find out who was responsible for this arson attack, call the PSNI on 101 or alternatively call the anonymous Crime Stoppers number on 0800 555 111.”

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Beggs warns that patient safety being increasingly compromised as a result of unprecedented delays

Ulster Unionist Health Spokesperson, Roy Beggs MLA, has warned that the unprecedented crisis in local hospital waiting times is compromising the safety of patients right across Northern Ireland. He was commenting after Department of Health statistics revealed that at the end of September 2018, a total of 283,497 local patients were waiting for a first consultant-led outpatient appointment, and that over 92,000 of those had been waiting for longer than 52 weeks. Roy Beggs said: “Formal targets for treatment across all patient types and specialties exist because it is medically accepted that the longer patients are forced to wait for treatment, the greater the harm they may ultimately come to. “The number of people who are waiting far longer than even the maximum permitted time is at an unprecedented and terrifyingly high level. “Never before in the history of Northern Ireland have so many people been waiting, and for such long … Continue reading

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Beggs reveals crisis in breast cancer services in the Northern Health Trust

Ulster Unionist Health Spokesperson, Roy Beggs MLA, has revealed a crisis in breast cancer services in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. In September only 11.9% of urgent breast cancer referrals were seen within 14 days – compared to the target of 100%. Roy Beggs said: “I’ve been aware of a deteriorating situation regarding breast cancer referrals in the Northern Trust area for some months now but I chose not to highlight it in order to avoid unduly raising patient concerns. “But the current situation now has become so serious, and the figures so bleak, that unless immediate action is taken I really am fearful that patients will come to harm. “Compared to April this year when 100% of urgent referrals in the Trust were seen within 14 days, the situation in the 5 months since has collapsed. Initially it fell to 84% in May, slumping to just 59% … Continue reading

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Beggs condemns organised violence in Antiville area of Larne

Commenting on the criminal activity in the Antiville area of Larne, Roy Beggs MLA said: “Burning wheelie bins, attacking police and forcing road closures is endangering the public and preventing citizens from moving to and from their homes. Local residents are being terrorised and limited public resources are being wasted. Organised criminal activity is adversely affecting the local community.   “The question that has to be asked of the organised gang leaders responsible is, what do they believe that they will achieve from burning large numbers of wheelie bins and trying to create some form of no-go area?  They are adversely affecting the local community and wasting ratepayers money.  This lawlessness is making it even more apparent that the community must work with the PSNI directly, and by using the confidential crime stoppers number 0800 555 111, to undermine those involved in criminal activity so that we all have freedom to live … Continue reading

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Beggs welcomes Sensible Electricity Solution for NI.

  Roy Beggs MLA who had energetically highlighted concerns about the stability of NI’s Electricity supply should Kilroot’s turbines stop generating, has welcomed the agreement retaining electricity generation at Kilroot Power Station: Roy Beggs Said, “The systems support services agreement as a result of discussions by the Utilities Regulator, SONI and AES is good for the stability of our electricity supply yet, I am that aware that  downward pressures have been applied to Kilroot’s generating costs, which will benefiting consumers.  This seems like a sensible solution for NI. In the absence of planning approval for the N/S Inter-connector and alternative new generating capacity there would be risks to the security of supply over the next few years.  BREXIT has added further uncertainty to I-SEM, the single electricity market.  I welcome this rethink by the Utilities Regulator and SONI who have recognised the risks to the stability of the NI Electricity supply, … Continue reading

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