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Beggs Pushes Registration For SSE Airtricity Energy Care Scheme

Ulster Unionist Party representative Roy Beggs MLA has urged residents in East Antrim who are of pension age; disabled (Including those who are deaf and blind; or chronically sick to apply to SSE Airtricity in order to join the vulnerable customer list. Roy Beggs MLA said “I would urge residents of East Antrim who would qualify under the vulnerable customer eligibility criteria to apply to the scheme. Those on the scheme will be offered a free gas safety check and a free boiler service in preparation for the winter months.” “In order to apply, contact the Customer Services department at SSE Airtricity to find out more about the Energy Care Scheme by calling 0345 900 5253.”

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Beggs Welcomes Funding for Autism NI Work in Carrickfergus and Newtownabbey

Ulster Unionist East Antrim representative Roy Beggs MLA has welcomed news that Autism NI has been successfully awarded £699,810 through the Big Lottery Funds “Reach Out: Supporting Families” programme to support people with autism and their families. Roy Beggs MLA said “Autism NI do great work in Northern Ireland and through the grant of nearly £700,000, they will be able to extend and build upon their work in East Antrim. Their project will help to increase awareness of autism and help young people with autism and their families by providing advice and support. The scheme is also proactive in offering support to those who may not have received their final diagnosis, therefore speeding up the process where engagement can occur with Autism NI.” Autism NI, which supports people with autism and their families, will use the grant to run the Reaching Autism families Together project. It will support families in … Continue reading

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Beggs Urges Community Awareness to Ensure Young People are not Endangered

Following reports of trespassers on the railway line in the Monkstown area, Roy Beggs MLA has urged parents and the local community to ensure that young people are not endangered. Roy Beggs MLA said, “Lives are being put at risk by trespassing on railway tracks.  It is disturbing to learn of recent near misses and of a train driver having to apply emergency brakes to avert an accident on the Belfast to Londonderry line.  Given the speed of trains which weigh hundreds of tonnes it takes a considerable distance for them to be brought to a halt. The new train fleet together with welded track has resulted in much quieter trains benefiting commuters and neighbouring residents.  However, the quieter trains also increases the risks of those who are trespassing as they may not be aware of a fast approaching train until it is upon them. I would urge parents to … Continue reading

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Beggs Supports Kennedy’s Call for Free Travel for Older People

Ulster Unionist representative Roy Beggs MLA has voiced his support for the UUP Transport Minister Danny Kennedy MLA’s call that the concessionary travel scheme should be protected by the Finance Minister and the Northern Ireland Executive. East Antrim MLA Roy Beggs said “It is my belief that free travel is beneficial to older people as it facilitates visits to friends and family, therefore keeping them active and independent. It reduces the potential for older people becoming isolated and so has s beneficial health impact.  I understand that as of yet, the Finance Minister Simon Hamilton MLA, of the DUP has not proposed to protect the concessionary travel funding.  I would hope that the Finance Minister and the Executive listens to Transport Minister Danny Kennedy and unanimously agree to continue to support free public transport for older persons.” Ends

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Beggs Urges Early Implementation of Independent Recommendations Into RQIA Inspection at Cherry Tree

Ulster Unionist Party representative Roy Beggs MLA has welcomed the publication of the    highly critical independent report into the RQIA inspection of Cherry Tree Nursing and Residential Care Home in which many basic failings in the inspection methods have been highlighted. Roy Beggs MLA, a member of the Health Committee at Stormont said, “The independent review of RQIA highlighted a number of basic issues that need to be rectified.  Why has it taken so long to identify such basic failing in the methods used by RQIA?     Only by changing the inspection process can failings be better identified and addressed so that the standards of care for the elderly can be increased.” The report has identified the need to improve a number of aspects of the inspection such as: the mechanisms to communicate the previous complaints to trust staff who are carrying out the review of the homes; speaking directly to … Continue reading

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